Distributed Payment Storage System

What does Taurus Distributed Payment Storage System Do

Distributed storage

  • Application of P2P File Sharing
  • Distributed hash table DHT

Payment System

  • Multiple signature technology createmultisig
  • Kademlia Technology

Public chain

  • Public Chain Design Framework
  • Solution Thoughts and Solutions


  • TUU Service Billing and Settlement

Project Development Route

Our Advantages

Block Chain Team of Top Cryptographic Experts

Continuous entrepreneurship at the bottom of the block chain needs the support of cryptography theory. Three PhD students in Taurus Distributed Payment and Storage System team are responsible for innovating, demonstrating and compiling cryptography applications involved in Taurus Distributed Payment and Storage System project. Looking at the global block chain project, such configuration is quite rare.

Global Commercialization and Community Operational Capability

Operating teams in China, the United States, Canada and other places have rich business experience and resources, and jointly with the World Cultural Fund to carry out global promotion, engage top Wall Street investment consultants to invest and guide Taurus distributed payment storage system projects.

Years of Accumulation of Bottom Technology in Core Team Block Chain

The concept and mode of block chain cross-chain interaction have been accumulating since FACTOM. The project of Taurus Distributed Payment and Storage System has been brewing for a long time from mode to technology. The core members have accumulated in the area of block chains for many years, and have their own advantages in consensus algorithms, intelligent agreements, wallets and so on.

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